Crowdfunding My Historical Mystery Novel Set in 1930s Manila

Dear friends, family, & fans of literature,

After a decade or so, I have decided to revive my creative writing project: a historical mystery novel set in Manila during the American Colonial Period, specifically during the 1930s or Comonwealth Era. It’s been a long dream of mine, and come to think of it, its genesis may be traced to more than two decades ago when I started reading & becoming interested in historical mysteries in the mid-90s, a couple of years after graduating from college in 1993 — I’ve been a mystery fan ever since I discovered the stories of Sherlock Holmes in my high school library.

The novel would be a perfect project to work on since it will be a point of convergence — invoking the Japanese spirit/concept of Ikigai — of some of my passions and interests: writing, mystery, history, heritage, and social issues. By writing a historical mystery novel, I hope to both entertain and educate, to help us learn more about our past in an interesting way so that we can understand ourselves better today, and perhaps aid us in our task of nation-building. (I have finished before a similar project: an unproduced historical screenplay about Aguinaldo & Bonifacio called “Ang Heneral at ang Supremo.”)

However, I cannot do this alone. Such a project would require investing a significant amount of time for research and the writing itself. I want to be focused in finishing the project while sustaining myself.

I have therefore decided to crowdfund the writing of this dream of mine. With your help, my goal is to come up with a finished book after one year. A 250-peso (5 US dollars) donation — but feel free to be generous! — from each of you will go a long way in sustaining me while I work on the project. I am aiming for 100 to 120 donors a month, or 1200-1440 donors in one year. In return for your help, I will reward you, in a year’s time, with an E-BOOK of my finished work.

The funds will go, specifically, to paying my monthly rent & other bills, expenses for research, and food for myself, and the five stray cats I have adopted: Cato, Robin, Marvel, Wolverine, & Storm. ☺ I also have to buy either a new or secondhand laptop since my decade-old computer notebook died on me more than a week ago. (Thankfully, the hard drive and data — photos & videos of advocacies and personal ones — were safe. I am seeking a second opinion from a reputable repair shop, but not really holding my breath. Right now, I’m writing this on my 2nd-gen iPhone).

That’s about it! If you want to come along with me on this exciting journey, you may send your donations via the following accounts or payment platforms. After sending the money, pls. write me an e-mail at with the subject: Historical Mystery, and include the following in the message:
-your name
-the amount you sent,
-a photo of the deposit slip (or transaction, if possible)
-your e-mail address, if you would like me to include you in a mailing list for regular updates.

Banco De Oro (Katipunan Branch-Regis Center, Loyola Heights, Quezon City)
Account number: 007640061501
Account name: Medardo M. Manrique Jr.

Landbank (University of the Philippines)
Account number: 3076015537
Account name: Medardo M. Manrique Jr.

G-Cash/Paymaya: 09215482622


Pls feel free to spread the word and share this blog post via e-mail, social media, and various messaging platforms, including SMS.

Thank you very much, in advance, for your generosity.

With Love, Light, & Gratitude,

Dino Manrique