A #YangGang Story: Billy & Gretchen Morgan

Billy and Gretchen Morgan

So I was scanning the Andrew Yang For President 2020 Basecamp FB group a couple of days ago, and saw this post by a #YangGang member of a #MyYangStory YouTube video by Billy Morgan, another Yang Gang member.
In the video, posted on August 26, 2019, Billy introduces us to his wife of 26 1/2 years, Gretchen, who is bedridden because of multiple sclerosis (MS). Billy explains that he is an Andrew Yang supporter because of what the Freedom Dividend of a 1,000 dollars, a Universal Basic Income, can do for their family: they won’t have to think so much of their bills while he takes care of his wife.

Billy and Gretchen Morgan’s #MyYangStory video

In the video, he addresses the Yang Gang folks on Twitter, so I looked him up on the social media platform, but sadly found out from his most recent posts that Gretchen had died. In a YouTube video dated November 16, a distraught and tired-looking Billy explained that Gretchen passed away peacefully in her sleep on November 4. However, because of all the expenses, they haven’t kept up with their rent payments and were in danger of being evicted. He sought help — although with hesitation because of their previous generosity — from the Yang Gang via the GoFundMe page for Gretchen.

Billy Morgan’s latest video where he tells us the passing away of his wife Gretchen.

Billy Morgan’s situation is typical of why a lot of people are fighting for Andrew Yang to be president. They see him as their final hope. Somehow, the system has failed them, or has not sufficiently addressed their needs. In the GoFundMe page for Gretchen,  it says that “Gretchen lost her disability due to an error on her paperwork,” and that it has left them “struggling ever since.” This is why the Freedom Dividend, Andrew Yang’s flagship policy, is important for a lot of Americans. Every individual or situation is unique, and the Freedom Dividend gives them the freedom and power to address their financial and other concerns. It is also a way around or a better alternative to the “errors” and failings of government bureaucracy.

In short, many in the Yang Gang are fighting not just for Andrew Yang, but for themselves and for the rest of the Americans. This election is the fight of /for their lives.

Billy is still seeking the help of Yang Gang, and doing everything he can for his family — aside from the concern about the rent, both of his daughters are pregnant, according to his latest video.

One of the reasons I’m writing this blog post because I’m assuming that there are still members of the Yang Gang (and even non-members) who haven’t heard of his story, and maybe would like to help. The power of our community is that aside from our sense of mission of bringing Andrew Yang to the White House, we are all guided by his campaign slogan, “Humanity First.” We are not just a movementwe are also a family, and we take care of one another. Thank you, in advance, Yang Gang!

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