About FilipinoCreative.com

Hi! I’m Dino Manrique, and this is my site, FilipinoCreative.com. I’m a writer, a Computer Science graduate, and an advocate. I created this site for the following purposes

  • To share my journey of Personal Growth, especially as it relates to creativity.
  • To share my journey as a writer, an entrepreneur, and an artist.
  • To share my journey as an advocate, and as a Filipino Cultural Creative.

As a Filipino Cultural Creative (FCC), I believe that I and the rest of other FCCs, have a lot to offer in terms of finding solutions to the challenges our country is now facing. Using tools and our knowledge from science and the arts, we will explore innovative ways of doing things. Our nation needs a new narrative that is rights-based, and that affirms and nurtures his creativity and dignity. Let FilipinoCreative.com help attain that vision.