What Yang Gang Can Do To Expand Reach On Facebook

Hey #YangGang! This is important. We need to raise our Facebook game because most of adult Americans are on Facebook (69% as compared with Twitter for example at 22%). This will also allow us to reach the older and female demographic.

Around 103 million Americans are on Facebook aged 45 to 65+ (35.4M for 45-54 y/o; 26.5M for 55-64 y/o; 21.1M for 65+ y/0).

Meanwhile, 75% of American women use Facebook compared with 63% for men.

Also, 43% (4/10) of U.S. Adults use Facebook as their news source compared with 21% for YouTube, & just 12% for Twitter.

All these stats mean that we need to get out frequently of our Twitter & YouTube bubbles and put more effort in spreading Andrew’s message on Facebook.

So here are my suggestions (I’m from the Philippines, & we’re Facebook crazy, so you can consider me a semi-expert.):

1) All of us Twitter Yangsters — 1.2M following Andrew — MUST have a Facebook account. If you don’t have one, create one now! (If you have issues with Facebook’s corporate practices, let us concern ourselves with it later when Andrew’s already president, as he has promised to create policies about social media platforms working for us.)

2) Once you have an FB account, look for your relatives (immediate, distant) & friends (childhood, high school, college, etc.) and add them as contacts. Facebook will also prompt you to find your contacts via your digital phone book.

3) Like the official Andrew Yang for President 2020 FB page. Right now, it has only 266,000 followers. That number should be 1.2M as well, or more, just like our Andrew’s Twitter account.

Once you liked Andrew’s official page, click the “Following” pull down menu & select “See First,” and set “Notification” to On, so you can immediately share any posts from the page to our timelines.

Share, as well, the official page’s posts on your various FB groups (post slowly — around 10 minutes in between posts — or FB will block you from posting for days) or send it via FB messenger to your FB friends. Please make this Andrew Yang / Yang Gang related posts public, so others can easily find and share them.

4) Join either or both of these FB groups: Andrew Yang for President 2020 Public Fan Base (12K+ members for now) or the Americans for Andrew Yang (2K members). As you can see, we need to increase the membership of both groups. The great thing about these groups is that they are both public, so you can easily share all the posts from the group. The posts in the Public Fan base is moderated while Americans for Andrew Yang posts are automatically published, which is great because for time-sensitive posts like streaming, people should be able to see them immediately. If the admins of the Public Fan Base can make the posts unmoderated (published immediately; unwanted posts can be deleted immediately), that would also be great.).

I also suggest that the admin of the these and other public groups or pages start streaming Andrew Yang & Yang Gang events or hosting Watch Parties of Andrew Yang & Yang Gang related videos.

5) You can also join the Andrew Yang for President Basecamp 2020 (53K members), but it is private, so you need to copy paste any post or link before you can share them.

6) Speaking of streaming, please like The Zach And Matt Show FB page, so you can share their streams on Facebook. They only have 147 followers right now!

7) Create your own FB pages or FB groups dedicated to Andrew Yang. These may be for your own localities or your own circle of friends.

8) If you can create ads/boost posts on your Facebook pages to target certain areas and demographics, that would help Andrew’s campaign a lot. Try experimenting with various content to see what creates the most engagement.

9) If you do not have a budget for boosting posts, tag your friends in the comment section of your posts about Andrew, to either educate them about Andrew and/or his policies, or to alert them so they can also share your posts. This tactic is not as intrusive as tagging them directly on your posts.

That’s it for now, Yang Gang! We have definitely experienced bumps along the road, but this is great because we have gotten tougher and smarter. And one of the major online battlefields is Facebook, and we will also win that one! Forward!

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